3D Printing at GVSU

3D printing offers all sorts of potential and possibilities!  GVSU’s Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons has two 3D printers that are available to students and faculty.

Every Tuesday and Thursday the Technology Showcase (Room 012 Atrium Level) in the new library hosts a demonstration from noon to 1:00.  Have a question?  Want to see a 3D printer in action?  Stop by!

  • Modeling – Create 3D objects of virtual blueprints
  • Prototyping – Create prototypes for experimental objects
  • Visualizations – Complex abstract objects in 3D

Learn more about 3D printing at GVSU on the library Makerspace page.  The Makerspace is a lab for you to create, tinker, and explore.  There are two 3-D printers and specialized modeling software for use by current GVSU students, faculty, and staff.

Also, are you interested in making?  Do you tinker?  Would you like to create?  Check out the GR Makers space located in Grand Rapids.

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