#BbWorld14 Opening Keynote

joiitoOpening Keynote: Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab Director

Speaker(s): Joi Ito

Joi Ito will be kicking off BbWorld 2014. Using his exceptional practical experience and unmatched bird’s eye view of technology, Joi will provide his perspective on what new technologies are just over the horizon and how that they will affect the way education is delivered and received. Special Thanks to Keynote Session Sponsor: Ginkgotree
“Learning Over Education”
Learning is what you do for yourself and education is what the institution does.
  • We are in a different way today…
  • Emerging technologies and the Internet empowers learning.
  • BI = Before internet
  • AI = After Internet
  • The Internet is not a technology, it’s a philosophy.
  • The Internet has pushed innovation to the edges… for the users of the web to build their own and rally together experts around a common mission.
  • SafeCast is a non-profit that was established after the earthquake in Japan.  This application is focused on gathering data points and they have something like 2.5+million data points through transparency. 
  • Just in time development allows rapid response.
  • Manufacturing can be “done in a box” via 3D printing.
  • Technology is providing amazing opportunities for all sorts of innovation, even in biology, for example “Genetic Circuitry”.  It’s not if you will do biology, but when you will do it!  It’s about technology infused across the curriculum – interdisciplinary should be the focus.
  • We tend to try to be execution oriented and predictable and less about being creative.  Don’t we need people to be creative and different?
  • You learn a lot when you teach.
  • Creative Learning involves: Projects, Peers, Passion, Play
  • MaKey, Makey is an example of creative play.
  • Connected Learning – Involves the intersection of interests, peers, and opportunities and @Blackboard can help take us there.
  • Maybe we need to be “antidisciplinary” – the space between the disciplines is bigger!
  • We need: engineers, scientists, designers, and artists all in 1 person for the future.
  • The Principles = Resilience over strength, systems over objects, disobedience over compliance, pull over push, compasses over maps, emergence over authority, risk over safety, practice over theory, and learning over education.
  • If you are always pushing you may be organized but your never going to get lucky!  If you always do the same thing you will always get the same thing embrace serendipity and find the disruptive idea!

“The cost of talking about trying something exceeds the cost of actually trying it.” – Joi Ito


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