Blackboard Corporate Keynote #BbWorld14

Blackboard Corporate Keynote: Jay Bhatt

Speaker(s): Blackboard Executive & Leadership Team

Jay Bhatt, CEO, will share his perspective on the new era of education in a learner-centric world and how Blackboard is helping address these changes by challenging conventional thinking and advancing new learning models. He will also share some exciting sneak-peeks into our product and solutions innovation agenda and how we are reimagining the education experience.
  • Your going to see some cool things happening now and coming soon!
  • Education 2020 Vision – Global, Learner Centric, Non-Traditional, Big Data, Consumer Preferences, Alternative Models, Online and Mobile Everywhere
  • The education system is not reacting fast enough around outcomes and driving innovation.
  • 75 million people have no jobs yet 57% can’t find employees with appropriate skills.
  • Put learner at center of the process to create a different future.  Drive change through focusing on learners.
  • Creating a better educational system of all kids.
  • Attracting, Retaining, and Educating Students
  • Blackboard mission: To fundamentally reimagine education.
  • Students are getting engaged into the process via usability, product design, user experience.  Over 100 learners have been invited to attend this year!
  • Reimagine | Redesign | Redefine
  • Integrate, Accelerate, Innovate was last year themes by redesign as a focus.
  • Over 25 product updates to meet country requirements for a truly global responsiveness such as truly anonymous and delegated grading.
  • TipTxt integrated
  • Powerschool integrated
  • NFC for cards
  • Bb Labs and Polls
  • MyEdu acquired to help student collect competencies.
  • Redesigned solutions, support / services, and industry citizenship
  • Full solutions for highered and k12 rather than bundling. Learning Core = learn, content, xplor, community, mobile.  Learning Essentials adds in synchronous. Learning Insight adds in analytics4learn, and the full suite is Learning Insight and Retention includes Bb Analytics.
  • K12 Solutions include common core, innovative, classroom, parent engagement.
  • Customer Support has been integrated and the private cloud.
  • Services solutions provide technology implementation, faculty adoption, grow online programs while also attracting students, retention, and measuring outcomes.
  • Blackboard has acquired Perceptis that provides support for end users.
  • Industry Citizenship – New models of learning with American Council on Education to do joint research on competency based learning.  Also, Bb is a founding member of mozilla badges built in for showcasing accomplishments.  Finally supporting research and studies with partnering through Project Tomorrow and the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Showcasing clients: SouthWest College in Northern Ireland which launched a Zambie Africa. 
  • Blackboard’s focus on the learner is in part to move beyond the LMS to assist in redefining the teaching and learning environment.
  • Redefine user experience via UI and features, mobile first, expanded cloud strategy, and big data – focus on the learner.
  • My Edu offers competencies, portfolio tools, for the building of a student profile.
  • New profiles, integrated SafeAssign, and an entirely new user experience focusing on the needs of learners based on student research.  Streamlined navigation, easy access to items, integration of products.
  • Learner centric the most exciting time at Blackboard.  Solutions are created directly for learners and exciting new experiences for users that support the learning process.
  • Responsive design and UI for supporting all devices.
  • Grading is about providing timely feedback and rich responses that enhance engagement and conversation.
  • New streamline UI is very clean.
  • New realtime chat with webtrc!!! 
  • Blackboard Collaborate Mobile
  • BbGrader looks like a great offline grading tool!
  • Bb K12 Central is a mobile school app for parents.
  • Blackboard Job Genie provides find career paths and schools – to connect the ambiguous dots.
  • New Bb Mobile experience.
  • Deployment options: Self-hosted, private cloud managed hosting, and now… Learn in the Cloud for elastic, resilient, current.  Only company to do so.
  • Open Education for MOOCs is available today.  Free access for Bb clients.
  • Analytics, analysis, and insight throughout the educational experience via the IMS Caliper standard.
  • New student alerts for students with a section activity reminder and how they stack up against their peers – also with learning indicators for faculty.  The instructor can then also directly message the student.

Awesomeness coming soon to a Blackboard near you!


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