GVSU Professors Receive Blackboard Exemplary Course Awards at #BbWorld14

GVSU Exemplary Course Award

Maurice Heiblum (Senior Vice President, Higher Education, Corporate And Government Markets), Katie Blot (Senior Vice President, Education Services), Mark Belles (Senior Vice President, K-12), Eric Kunnen (Emerging Technologies Coordinator, GVSU), Jay Bhatt (President and CEO Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President, Industry And Product Management)

Congratulations to GVSU professors Szymon Machajewski and Julia VanderMolen for being awarded the 2014 Blackboard Exemplary Course Award.  Along with 67 other winners from 43 institutions from around the world, professors Machajewski and VanderMolen were highlighted in a special recognition luncheon at the BbWorld conference in Las Vegas, NV.

I was honored to receive the catalyst award on behalf of GVSU and Professor Szymon Machajewski.

GVSU Awards at BbWorld14 Luncheon


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