Wearable Tech is Coming to Your Campus This Fall! #CampusTech


Emory Craig, Director eLearning and Instructional Technology, The College of New Rochelle

Facilitators will wear and lead a discussion on the ways wearable technology will reshape the teaching-learning environment and the potential impact of wearables on the interactions between students and faculty. Projects and videos from Google Glass and Narrative Clip Camera will be reviewed.


  • Examples: Google GlassVuzixMeta 3D GlassesOculus RiftNarrative Clips Lifelogging Camera
  • Why wearable tech? Always on, always there, continuous data, augment reality, hands-free, nearly transparent, localization…
  • Huge growth potential for wearables: sports, activity trackers, health, wearable cameras, smart watches, clothing, motion trackers, smart glass.
  • Challenges: Privacy issues of course, battery life is an obstacle…
  • PWRGlass is an extra battery back and Lenovo’s battery pack was just announced.
  • Pivithead SMART Glasses are new but with no display.  Have modular pods.
  • Wearables as fashion?  Misfit Shine is example. Just announced, Lechal Shoes vibrate to give you directions.
  • With wearables:
    • Would we still need lecture capture tools when everyone can record their own?
    • Will class sessions become open public spaces?
    • All interactions with students can be documented…
    • Boundaries between campus and community will be erased.
    • Public vs private boundaries will disappear.
    • Social media and chat are primary means of online communication.
    • Data analytics and assessment will produce volumes of information.
  • How do these provide value in learning environments?
    • First person video
    • Hands-free documentation
    • Integrate social media
    • Easily connect with others
    • Virtual field trips
    • Bring in outside experts
    • Experiential learning (HistoryPin Project)
    • Street Museum
    • Augmented Reality on Google Glass [Video]
    • Battlefield 5 on Google Glass – Gamification of the physical and virtual world… [Video]

“Google Glass making every moment a teachable moment…” – Andrew VandenHeuvel

More about the Presenter: Emory Craig
Director eLearning and Instructional Technology, The College of New Rochelle

Emory Craig Photo

As Director of eLearning at the College of New Rochelle, Emory Craig is responsible for eLearning initiatives at the College, including planning, program development, support and training of faculty, and the integration of emerging technologies into the curriculum. As a six campus system, CNR serves both traditional age and adult students in the NYC metropolitan area. An active participant in EDUCAUSE, ACM, AACE and other organizations, he has also worked with consortiums and projects such as AMICAL and NGLC to further the innovative use of new technologies in the teaching-learning environment. A frequent presenter at conferences his current research is on the use of video and social networking platforms to engage students in the global community and the value and impact of wearable technology on higher education. His paper on the use of Twitter in Online Learning Environments won a Best Paper Award at the Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning. 


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