#ET4Online – A Badges-First Approach to Learning Pathway Design in Higher Education

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Materials

Open Badges Intro

  • Place to hold certificates, diplomas, etc. Think high school diploma which is a “big badge” that includes a lot of granular achievements.
  • Digital and visual representations of achievements.
  • Who is using:  Khan Academy, LInkedIn, Deloitte, gamification uses…
  • Problem is that badges don’t talk to each other as they are platform specific.
  • OPEN via Mozilla so there is a standard and sharable resource. 
  • Learning happens everyone – OBI (Open Badge Infrastructure) helps to create a standard for issueing and assigning and collecting badges.
  • Open Badges Anatomy   
  • The parts of OBI = Earner, Issuer, Displayer and finally the audience to view.


  • Curriculum


  • Assessment design becomes explicit
  • Designing for lifelong learning is easier
  • Learning experience is separate from assessment
  • Design for feedback, support, and tracking


  • Faculty, learners, acad dev staff, elearning support, library, industry stakeholders
  • TRUST networks are crucial and developing and will take some time
  • Ownership changes, make team based, act like a community to lend the badge system


  • Curriculum is not a large fixed entity
  • Offerings would become more flexible – and therefore admissions/enrollments
  • Pathways would be more flexible
  • Personalized learning pathways the norm
  • Curriculum review quicker and more responsive


  • Extremely challenging to achieve in existing structure and cultures
  • More likely to succeed in new platforms (skillshare, treehouse), new ventures (swinburne online, chisholm online, deakin digital, etc.), or new communities or industries.



    Badge Design

    • Digitalme created a TEMPLATE for creating a badge

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