#ET4Online – Connected Learning


Keynote Session Details
Mimi Ito
University of California, Irvine, USA


  • How can we help young people find those that share knowledge and expertise while sharing enthusiasm and excitement about learning.
  • Learning in an era of abundant connectivity.
  • We have new challenge yet also new opportunities.
  • The “Digital Youth Group Quiz” #digitalyouth – 3 Questions: 1) What percent of americans aged 16-29 read a book in 2012? Answer 83% via Pew Young Readers Survey 2) In 2009 how many hours per day did US kids aged 8-10 spend with media? Answer 7 hours 38 minutes via Kaiser M2 Survey 2010 3) How many text messages, on average, do teens aged 13-17 send in a month? Answer 3417 via Nielson 2011 with girls sending more than double than boys.
  • The Gallup 2013 poll goes from 76% engaged in elementary to 44% in high school.
  • 45% of college students demonstrate very little learning in their first 2 years of college (Arum and Roska)
  • College tuition cost up 538% since 1985. Source = College Board
  • More than half of bachelor’s degree holders under the age of 25 are unemployed or underemployed.
  • There is a culture class of in class vs out of class.  Institutional structures that were created long ago vs a connected culture we are in now.
  • Meet Abigail, Age 14 – She is accesses a wide range of fan fiction through wattpad. She published her own work. She had an interest, engaged and received support and community through peers which then lead to new opporunities, such as she can publish her wiriting.
  • Online affinity groups have a learning path similar to: INTERESTS which leads to PEERS which leads to  OPPORTUNITY
  • Connected Learning (a learner pursues something they care about or a stake in) and Affinity Networks (support of peers provide new opportunities) = Connected Campus (summer of minecraft), Scratch, #Phonar
  • Digital Media Learning Initiative:


  • Connected Courses – Active Co-learning in Higher Ed
  • Who is your #learninghero? – having relationships in your life of those that have had an impact in your life around the passion of learning.
  • 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index Report – 1) Project based learning spans semester 2) Students that connected with their professor:

“If graduates had a professor who cared about them as a person, made them excited about learning, aand encouraged them to pursue their dreams, their odds of being egnaged at work more than doubled, as did their odds of thrining and their well-being.” 

  • Learning in an era of ABUNDANCE connectivity? The university is only one node of learning that can happen in a day.  That the connected learning has production centered, shared purpose, and openly networked interactions. 

The connected learning network – connects real world opportunity for the relationships and networks that students can have through affinity group interaction.

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