#ET4Online – Leading Online Learning in a Time of Change

Workshop Resources

Dr. Vicki S Cook

Session Notes:

  • Challenges in higher ed regarding reduced state funding and enrollment growth decline – this combined with tuition cost shifts is creating an increase in student debt.
  • Enrollment is in decline overall:  via Inside Higher Ed “Nearing the Bottom
  • Is our higher ed business model sustainable?
  • How can online learning help support new directions in enrollment, strategic missions and value.
  • A must read from EDUCAUSE: “The State of eLearning in Higher Ed” [PDF]

Authentic Leadership

  • Leading from your own skills
  • Honest relationships
  • Integrity is key
  • About knowing and being true to yourself
  • How you lead is focused on the relationships you build
  • Here is a self-assessment [PDF] on authentic leadership
  • Allow team to feel ownership and to lead – to take responsibility

Distributed Leadership

  • Shared leadership – goes to the person most capability for leading a project
  • Value unique skills and strengths and empower those to lead
  • Create teams that are varied among skills

3 Levels of Leadership

  • Strategic – There are 5 key strategic traits that are key: 1) Adaptive Capacity, 2) Concentration and In-Depth Thinking, 3) Level 5 Leadership, 4) Keen Self-Awareness, 5) Strategic and Tactical Versatility  In addition there are 7 qualities of leadership: 1) Vision, 2) Courage, 3) Integrity, 4) Humility, 5) Strategic Planning, 6) Focus, 7) Cooperation
  • Operational – There are 5 traits that are essential: 1) Realistic, 2) Efficiency, 3) Quality, 4) Supple Chain Management, 5) Do Not Manage; Lead
  • Tactical – The here and now, what areas are needing attention, etc. Here are 12 steps for leadership:
    Decision Making

    1. Decision Making
    2. Meeting Management Effectiveness
    3. Change Management and Facilitation
    4. Attitude Effectiveness and Influence
    5. Communication Effectiveness
    6. Personnel Assessment
    7. Diffusing Defensiveness
    8. Leader as Counselor
    9. Tactical Daily Administration Efficiencies
    10. Conditioning Others for Success
    11. Motivation and Motivating Skills
    12. Deploying Exportable Skills



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