#ET4Online – Reinventing Learning Spaces with Online Learning in Mind

Workshop Details

New Spaces for Digital Discovery

  • “Parallel a campus with Disney World” – We have castles, funny hat (cap and gown), characters and mascots, we paid a lot to get in, and we hope to have a good experience.
  • How do we look at our spaces and see them as a complete experience.  It’s not just a classroom but it’s all the spaces that creates a cohesive experience.
  • What is new with our spaces? > TECHNOLOGY
  • Cone of Distractionconeofdistraction_OLC
  • Formal learning spaces and informal learning spaces need to support BYOD and the assumption of wireless and power everywhere.
  • We need spaces that flexible but yet with formality and structured.
  • Do we have “fail space” – that allows students to iterate?

How can we support new technology which generates new experiences?

  • Penn State Media Commons – students come to work on digital media projects.  These are staffed with Digital Media Consultants.


  • Facing fears in public speaking. Enter presentation practice rooms. Over 4,000 students have used this in over 18 studios across campus. See: One Button Studio (See “An Easy-Button for Video Production” via Campus Technology)
  • Lightboards are also being used at Penn State. Here is a demo video of the Lightboard in use.
  • 3D Printing via MakerBot is also being used. (See also: “The 3-D Printing Revolution at Penn State“)  The Maker Commons will be launched this Fall as a MakerBot Innovation Center. (See also: “3D Printing Heats Up on Campus“)
  • Wireless presentation technology is supported at Penn State (70 AppleTV rooms) in a project called “Mirror“. Code for mirror is available.
  • What’s next? There has been an increase in interest with virtual reality. eg. Oculus Rift  This could be used to “walk through a classroom” that is being planned but not yet built yet, say in new construction.
  • Slides for session are available.

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