#ET4Online – Reducing the Costs of College New Directions for Faculty eAuthoring


Workshop Description

Noreen Barajas-Murphy
University of La Verne, USA
Erin Gratz
University of La Verne, USA


  • Session Presentation [PPT] and Slideshare
  • Session Outcomes: Define eAuthoring course content taxonomy, Identify the benefits of collaboration between instructional designers, librarians, and faculty in the design and publication, Analyze cost savings to students, Review data of student learning using eAuthored content vs traditional textbooks
  • Does custom publishing work to improve attitude and learning outcomes? – Romine and Banerjee 2013
  • Content can be compiled in course management system or curated in an external system like Ginkgotree.
  • LEVELS: regular textbook, custom textbook (course cartridges), compiled resources say in Blackboard, external curated resources in systems like Ginkgotree, e-authored textbooks, and e-authored interactive adaptive texts

faculty + librarians + instructional designers + time = key to success in e-authoring

  • What are 3 bullets of actions you can take on your campus in the near future to enhance collaboration and the building of eAuthoring.
  • Textbook costs have increased 82% from 2002 to 2012. Custom textbooks and content via OER resources can help reduce costs.
  • Concerns shared as who owns this content?



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