#ET4Online – Thought Vectors in Concept Space


Session Details

Gardner Campbell (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
  • 646 with 350+ virtual attendees from 25 countries and 43 states at OLC.  There were 38 vendors and 8 launch pad exhibits.
  • Emergence Technologies – Things that happen out of complexity or that can’t be known in advance.
  • Technologies of Emergence
  • The connectedness of things is what the educator contemplates




  • The thought vectors from learners in a shared learning space where concepts emerge. Language itself is a technology of emergence.
  • Help students to envision complex alternatives.
  • VCU’s New Media cMOOC: Live in Concert [Video]

  • How can we make the entire experience a learning environment. The syllabus, the outline, etc.
  • Can you syllabus be interactive enough to teach?  Can you insert questions into the syllabus to prompt students such as: “Do you have a blog?” And then branch out to guide them on how to create one.
  • What would it look like to put “Easter eggs” in your course for students to uncover or discover?
  • TAGSExplorer


  • Academic Learning Transformation Lab – “ALT Lab models and inspires connected learning for a networked world through faculty development, student engagement, communities of practice, and technology enhanced active learning. We cultivate distinctive experiences of deeper learning fostered by high engagement for student success.”

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