#BbWorld15 – General Session and Blackboard Keynote

Session Description
Please join Jay Bhatt, along with Jon Kolko, Annie Chechitelli, and Stephanie Weeks as they introduce the New Learning Experience through revolutionary thought leadership and on stage live demonstrations.

(Live Streaming Available)

FullSizeRender (8)Notes:
  • Our industry is facing a crisis… learners are not satisfied with their education experience. The system has failed to meet the students’ needs. BUT here is the good news.  There is a deep belief in education providing salvation.

We need to lead a revolution. If not us then who?  With change comes great progress! – Jay Bhatt

  • 85% of learners are non-traditional, distance, part-time, skills, competency-based.  At 15% do we have a standard?
  • Enter… the “New Learners”
  • Engage online and with apps
  • Listen to peers
  • Community engagement
  • Safety and security
  • Digital competency
  • Consumer of data/info
  • Learner + Teacher… the revolution should focus on the learners needs.  Blackboard’s Mission: We need to reimagine education.
  • The education continuum from birth > k12 > highered > professional education > lifelong learning

The New Learning Experience (NLE) is a new approach to education that fosters better engagement, interaction and quality learning through the delivery of leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities.


  1. Laser focus on the learner
  2. Connected and tightly integrated workflows
  3. A delightful new user experience
  4. An accessible always-on environment
  5. Integrated data and analytics
  • A day in the life of a K12 student and a holistic approach:

FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (11)

  • A day in the life of a higher ed student and a holistic approach:
FullSizeRender (12) FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (14)
  • Leading products in the market: Blackboard Learn, Moodlerooms, new Collaborate, Bb Student, Learning Analytics
  • Blackboard is the only company that offers a complete flexibility offering: self-hosted, managed hosting, and Saas (Standard, Plus, Advantage)

The NLE Technology Framework

  • Next generation LMS
  • Built-in Learning Analytics
  • Browser-based Web Conferencing
  • Student, Platform and Consulting Services
  • Role-specific Mobile Apps
  • SaaS Deployment Environment

ENTER the NEW Blackboard

FullSizeRender (15)

DESIGN with Jon Kolko

FullSizeRender (17)

  • Design thinking and empathy – feeling what someone feels not understanding.
  • Insights:
    • There are no traditional learners – we need to produce products and services that support learners when they change their minds.
    • The institution of academia has been driven by quantitative metrics, at the expense of educational creativity – we need to integrate analytics into products seamelessly
    • Above all, academia needs to support the learner’s journey – we need to build products that help leaners identify their strengths an interests
    • Key: Minimize anxiety in learners

Stephanie Weeks and Andy Jacobson present Parentlink (a native mobile app for parents and K12 communication) and Schoolwires.

FullSizeRender (18)

K12 solutions include learners, teachers, parents, community members, administrators through mobile apps, websites, learning platform, notifications, collaboration, and reporting:

FullSizeRender (19)

Blackboard Ultra and Collaborate with Annie Chechitelli includes a brand new user experience, seamless transition from the “original” Blackboard, leverage embedded conversations, responsive design and more:

FullSizeRender (20)

Mobile Apps include a variety of personas, say student and teacher. Bb Student supports “original” Learn courses and the new Ultra experience.

FullSizeRender (21)

LIVE demo of Bb Collaborate via mobile with an iPhone – all within the browser!

FullSizeRender (22)

FullSizeRender (23)

When is this available? NOW! A technical preview is available as of today! http:/try.blackboard.com

FullSizeRender (24)

Coming Soon to a Blackboard Near You

  • X-Ray Learning Analytics Acquisition and Expanded Data Science Team for Predictive Analytics
  • Academic Planning Tool

Inspire the world to learn…


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