#BbWorld15 – Adora Svitak Keynote


The stage at BbWorld is unlike any other conference’s stage. Because our technology is capable of impacting learners throughout their entire lives, in over 100 countries around the globe, BbWorld brings together the most diverse and dynamic crowd that the industry has to offer. And we recognize the powerful, common thread that rings through every voice in the room: a steadfast commitment to the learner. In this vein, we have designed a program to rally around this commonality throughout the event.

To kick off the conversation, former TED speaker Adora Svitak will open BbWorld. She is best known for her 2010 TED talk that inspired people from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, in classrooms and boardrooms, to think like a kid – in education, in day-to-day life, and in our global culture. Adora recently finished her first year at The University of California, Berkley.


  • Adora Svitak TED Talk “What Adults can learn from Kids”
  • Blackboard Blog Post
  • Do teachers really care about instilling the passion of the learning or more about the grade on the test?
  • It may be “that’s just the way things are”
  • What is one of the biggest challenges facing education this year?
  • It’s hard to advocate for yourself before you understand the extent to which you are being neglected.
  • http://codeday.org
  • http://stuvoice.org
  • Conferences are often a marketplace of ideas…
  • There are so many voices we need to be hearing…
  • Ask yourself how am I connecting to my students.
  • There should be students on your committees at your university.
  • The stories students share are incredibly important in the movement to transform education. Every student is worth listening to, and students can be your greatest advocates.

Let’s have an impact, this is not just another edtech conference, we are willing to talk if you are willing to listen. – Adora Svitak


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