#BbWorld15 – Reimagining Higher Education: Innovating for Your Long Term Success

Education is at an inflection point. Much of this is driven by a new generation of learners that have very different expectations of what their education experience should be like: from how they navigate their own learning journey, how they manage the business of being a student, to how, when and where they learn. In response, Blackboard is reimagining the experience and business of education, putting the learner at the center, to help drive institutional competitiveness and long term success through both services and technology. This session will focus on how Blackboard has responded to the market dynamics that impact the learning environment, student services, analytics and new technologies. All of this is with an eye toward tomorrow’s learners insisting on choice, customization and flexibility along their student pathway.

Speakers: Annie Chechitelli, Vice President of Global Higher Education Strategy, Blackboard Inc.; Craig Chanoff, Vice President and General Manager of Education Services, Blackboard Inc.

  • Modern Family
  • Consumer Preferences
    • Proliferation of mobile technology
    • Desire to multi-task
    • Always-on service expectations
    • Propensity to price-shop
    • These preferences are causing educational institutions to mirror the consumer experience…
  • Workforces Needs
    • By 2020 nearly 2 out of every 3 jobs will require some form of post-secondary education.

“Our relentless engine of technological development has required an ever-growing pool of workers savvy enough to integrate these sophisticated new tools into their work routines.” – Anthony Carnavale The Undereducated American

  • Wealth Gap
  • Millennials
  • Supporting the New Learning Experience
    • Enrollment
    • Engagement
    • Learning
  • Personalized Enrollment Management
    • Research – identify your audiences and differentiators
    • Marketing – reach new students and build awareness
    • Enrollment – engage students and grow enrollments
  • Audience Research – Who are your students? What are their demographics? What are their beliefs and values? What are their career pathways? How do you message students?
  • Student Facing Online Web Presence – How welcoming and informational is your /online site to reach distance education students more effectively?
  • Learning

    • Student-Centric Learning Delivery
      • Flexible and scalable
      • Real-time data integratino
      • Responsive and adaptive
      • Proficiency-based
    • Blackboard Student App – One place to access their teaching and learning environment.
    • Collaborate – Seamless and simple access to live tools without plugins.
    • Ultra – Streamlined interface for quick access to communication streams, content, and simple layered navigation.
    • Better Student and Instructor Insights – Student access to data and metrics, timely notifications, analytics inline for easy access to intervention and support
    • Showcasing skills and competencies – myEDU provides student profiles, and ePortfolios
  • Making Change Happen
    • Enable student pathways
    • Understand student behavior
    • Influence student success

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