#BbWorld15 – Increasing Blackboard Adoption, Acceptance and Satisfaction – How We Did It

Learning Management System adoption and acceptance can be like that ever-elusive fish you can’t quite reel in. With a population of diverse learners and ever-changing technology, LMS satisfaction can seem just out of your reach. SHSU Online has been able to increase Blackboard adoption, acceptance and satisfaction by providing a consistent level of support, resources and services to faculty, staff and students at Sam Houston State University. Come and learn practical and actionable steps that you can implement at your own institution to promote, augment and improve LMS-esteem on your campus.Speaker: Jacob Spradlin, Assistant Director of Training & Development, SHSU Online


  • Session Slides
  • SHSU has 15 instructional designers. The designers are assigned to a College/Department
  • Designers are embedded 80% of week.
  • ID’s play on strengths for each area.
  • ID’s use a database for project management for keeping track of course development.
  • ID’s use a course development rubric.
  • Meet with college deans each month to discuss new/existing degree programs for online.  Provide them with metrics and data (completion, training, support desk). Look for ways to assist college needs.
  • @BlackboardSHSU Twitter Feed
  • Present at New Student Orientation
  • Bb Orientations in the Classroom (First Year Course)
  • Using Bb Community Engagement
  • Support Desk Availability
    • Tech Support Tab
    • Mon through Sat
    • Tracking through Help Desk

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