Online & Hybrid Teaching Circles – Encourage Collaborative #EdTech Conversations

eLearning and Emerging Technologies through the work of IDeL (Instructional Design for eLearning) and in partnership with the Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center have a unique opportunity for faculty at GVSU.  The “Online and Hybrid Teaching Circles” are designed for faculty to meet and to collaborate together to enhance online and hybrid teaching and learning.

Kim Kenward, instructional designer in IDeL, helps to coordinate and lead these circles. This is the second year that a teaching circle dedicated to online and hybrid instruction has been offered at GVSU.

IDeL Instructional Designer, Kim Kenward, facilitating the Online & Hybrid Teaching Circle on Thursday, October 1st, 2015.

The “Online and Hybrid Teaching Circle” meets once a month for 90 minutes during the Fall semester to:

  • Support new and experienced online/hybrid faculty through dialogue
  • Explore best practices associated with online/hybrid teaching and learning
  • Identify emerging technological needs to support online teaching and learning
  • Share collective expertise across disciplines

It’s not about the technology… it’s about the when and the why around leveraging #EdTech to promote student engagement, enhance the quality of instruction, explore a variety assessments and feedback strategies, and finally to improve student success.

Last year, the following topics were discussed by the teaching circles:

  • Student engagement/building community/student accountability
  • Course delivery, organization, design, and pacing
  • Instructor presence and student feedback
  • Rigor and responsibilities for online students and preparing students to be online student
  • Digital media (new tools, advanced video with Ensemble, SWIVL, and video streaming databases)
  • Online discussion and alternatives to the discussion board
  • Peer feedback  and student collaboration

This year, there are 3 Teaching Circles meeting at CHS, DeVos, and the Allendale campuses.

If you are teaching online at GVSU, we invite you to join in on a conversation
about enhancing online and hybrid courses at the university!


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