#SXSWedu “Launch Competition Lightning Round”

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Brian Dixon
Kapor Capital – Partner


Guy Kawasaki
Canva – Chief Evangelist of Canva/Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation


Joan Hughes
The University of Texas at Austin – Assoc Professor


Juan Cabrera
El Paso Independent School District – Superintendent


Sam Chaudhary
ClassDojo – CEO



Session Description

SXSWedu Launch is a fast-paced, live startup competition for education entrepreneurs designed to highlight emerging innovations impacting the world of teaching and learning.

Ten early-stage education startups have been selected to compete in the fifth annual Launch competition. While these startups vary in location, mission, structure and the challenges they hope to solve, they all share a passion and desire to create positive change in education.

All ten Launch 2016 finalists will take a turn pitching their education startup to the judging panel and live audience in this fast-paced kickoff to the competition.

  • College applicants can create a profile and get a free assessment to help students find and become admitted to a higher ed institution. Experts will provide feedback on a student’s profile to help them get into their desired institution.


  • Game-based learning tools for science.


  • English Language Speech Assistant App
  • English fluency using AI for linguistics focusing on pronounciation.


  • Personal learning app. The “GPS” for learning. By selecting a topic and narrowing down users are brought to a lesson.  Free version access content, and paid version will connect users with a person.

Listen Current

  • Bringing public radio into the classroom. Offers the curating current events for science, social studies, and english. Just announced, Listen Current is partnering with NPR. Content provides real world content and listening literacy. Newzela is a comparison but it is a reading based solution vs Listen Current is focused on listening.

Parachute Teachers

  • A marketplace for finding substitute teachers. Schools can find teachers and connect with them.

Paragon One

  • Paragon One is a video coaching marketplace and adaptive learning platform which guides international students to career success in the U.S. and abroad. Using proprietary algorithms and curriculum, international students are matched with a network of industry experts for training tailored to the challenges of succeeding in the U.S.

Smart Coos

  • Smart Coos is where parents can get live language sessions for their littlest learner. Smart Coos web-based platform provides young children, newborns to age 16, the opportunity to learn a second language with a combination of live-language sessions and automated text nudges based on a language curriculum.


  • Territorium is a gamified social network for education in which students learn by projects, by teaching others and by solving challenges that are recognized with gamification while the platform measures the habilities and competences they develop.

Words Liive

  • Words Liive is a literacy augmentation start-up founded upon a patented a teaching process called CGI (Contemporary Grammar Integration) that isolates grammar structures in popular music, social media, and computer coding to teach reading and writing skills for traditional literature.

More information about the SXSWedu Startups.

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