#MVUsym16 – Effective Leadership for Blended Learning

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Session Description
This session will highlight emerging standards for blended instruction, lessons from recent blended learning research and strategies to effectively implement blended instruction into practice. Representatives of the MVU MyBlend team will share key implementation considerations as well as supports available to Michigan school leaders based on the work of and training from the Clayton Christenson Institute and The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University.

Jamie DeWitt, Manager of Blended Learning Services, MVU; Stacey Schuh, Blended-Learning Coach, MVU


“The challenge for our education system is to leverage the learning sciences and modern technology to create engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences for all learners that mirror students’ daily lives and the reality of their futures.” – National Education Technology Plan

  • Our kids are learning today, differently that we have experienced in learning in growing up. How can we best take advantage of the technology and students’ experience.
  • Blended learning is about taking advantage of the benefits of face to face with the digital.
  • Clayton Christensen Institute – Blended learning is combining the following: through online learning, brick and mortar location away from home,  modalities are connected to provide an integrated learning experience.
  • Good instruction is about deeper level thinking, having objectives, students are engaged and participating in the learning, conversational, relevancy, motivation, drive to learn, feedback.

Students should be able to tell us what they are learning, not what app they are using… Technology is a tool not an outcome.

  • Focused on instructional goals, and strategies chose to meet goals, not just use technology.
  • Intentional integration of technologies.  Teacher is the most important in a blended learning environment with combining the F2F and Online. The sweetspot is the classroom, personalized learning, more feedback, time on task.
  • Blended learning is an even mix of online and face to face.

Blended Learning graph
Image from Christensen Institute

  • Blended learning requires a change in mindset as a teacher as well as support and resources. There is so much on your plate as a teacher. The mindset change is the beginning, along with qualities such as coaching and mentoring, and finally skills of both adaptive and technical.


Image from iNACOL

  • Supporting teachers to try new things is really important. Students as well as teachers learn from failure.
  • Continuous improvement of student learning.
  • What happens when change starts with a group of innovative teachers? The early adopters are excited. There is often though a missing piece to the adoption because of the support network and resources are limited. In order to make change move forward, support needs to be aligned with teacher needs.
  • A visionary is important and a leader advocating change is important and it also encourages change. The innovative administrators keep going and help to encourage.
  • The key is to combine the innovative leaders with the excited teachers to develop integrated solutions for the success of all students!
  • Purpose-driven PD to enhance teaching and learning that is job-embedded is key.
  • Developing learning communities is important so that teachers can help teachers.
  • Take advantage of MVU resources as well as local REMC and district resources as well as social networks like #MichEd

Session Slides



One thought on “#MVUsym16 – Effective Leadership for Blended Learning

  1. Thanks for attending and sharing this! I loved the conversations surrounding blended learning, it was nice to hear about everyone’s experiences.

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