#MVUsym16 – Managing Quality in Online Learning

IMG_7756Session Description

A panel of online learning experts will discuss issues of quality as they pertain to online teachers and instruction, online content and course design, and program evaluation.


Peter Arashiro, Director of Instructional Product Design, MVU
Kristin Flynn, Interim Executive Director of Student Learning Services, MVU
Joe Friedhoff, Vice President of Research, Policy, and Professional Learning, MVU.


Session Presentation Slides

Redefining Quality Online Instruction

  • Moved contracted instructors to part time employees.
  • HumanEx screener tool was used to find student-centered staff with empathy, positive attitude, results oriented, etc. Phone screener was a 30 minute call with over 200 interviews.

Uniform Onboarding Experience and Establishing Consistency Online

  • Common policies around academic integrity.
  • Shared best practices in engagement, efficiency, feedback.
  • Collaboration opportunities via Google Apps for Education
  • Pre-flight Checklists
  • Instructor monitor checklists for classroom observations.

Do your faculty have a growth mindset? “When we are failing we are learning…”


Building Capacity Online

  • Annual performance reviews.
  • Ongoing professional development includes “synergy” sessions with part time faculty.
  • “Collaboration of the Minds” is an event to bring everyone together to compare notes and share best practices.
  • Webinars are offered regularly.
  • 1-1 Coaching Opportunity.
  • Reflection is captured through blogging.

Managing Quality through the Course Design Process

  • DESIGN is intentional (produces useful results, derived from process, able to stand on their own)
  • QM is used to monitor Quality
  • Scope and Sequence, Standards, Meeting Objectives, Alignment of Assessments (Iterative process is key.)


Program Evaluation BEFORE

  • iNACOL, QM, AdvancED



Program Evaluation DURING

  • Learning Analytics


  • Monitoring Gradebook and Student Achievement


  • Tracking Login and Activity within Blackboard


  • Tracking Tool Activities in Courses


  • Tracking Completion


Program Evaluation AFTER



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