#BbWorld16 – General Session: Unveiling Blackboard’s latest developments


We’ve built an exciting conference dedicated to the topics that matter most to you. Hear from Blackboard leaders, including new CEO, Bill Ballhaus, and SVP, Katie Blot, as they unveil the latest developments designed to help customers:

• Leverage data-driven insights
• Transform the student journey
• Take advantage of the latest features of the Learn platform
• Optimize student outcomes
• Assess and implement mission-critical initiatives


To partner with you to help students succeed is why Blackboard exists

  • Focus on needs, challenges, and opportunities
    • Engaging end users
    • Safe schools
    • Enrollment, retention, affordability
    • Educate at scale
  • Deliver thoughtful and relevant innovation across our portfolio – Bb is investing $350 million in product innovations this year – this is more than triple the revenue of the nearest competitor
  • Breadth and broad reach of our portfolio
  • Deep insights about the world of the learner
  • 19,000 customers and the Bb portfolio is the largest in the industry
  • Focus is on listening to customers, analyzing across data sets, empathetically understand our users, and then use a unique design approach.
  • Bb Planner – Student organizer
  • Bb Advise – Predictive analytics
  • Bb Predict – Early guidance and intervention for at risk students
  • Bb purchased CASHNet for financial services for students.
  • New strategic partner with IBM, IBM Watson, and Amazon Web Services
  • Blackboard is committed to the fundamentals:
    • Develop and Deliver
    • Support Customers
    • Innovate
    • Communicate

FullSizeRender (77)

  • Blackboard is your Partner in Student Success
    • Drive learning outcomes is the focus
      • Teaching and Learning Solutions – Bb Learn and Moodlerooms, Analytics for Learn, and Bb Collaborate
    • Bring families, teachers, and communities together to support student success
      • Community Engagement – ParentLink, SchoolWires, Blackboard Connect
    • Identify and enroll the right students; engage and support the student journey
      • Student lifecycle Solutions – Enrollment Services, Student Account and Financial Aid, Retention Services, Blackboard Analytics
    • Commerce Solutions – Bb Transact
    • Keep Students Safe – Bb Transact, Blackboard Connect
  • Powerful Insights
    • Community Input – Community of Practice with 19,000 Clients, Tech Previews, Community Site with 6,000 Users
    • Data Science – Bb manages a large data footprint with 7 TB of data, 1,200 institutions, 35M learners and teachers, 7M courses, 2.7B LMS sessions
      • Web conferencing through Collaborate – Bb created an engagement metric can be a challenge but it needed to measure participation aka “Principle Component Analysis”. (Bb was first LMS to support and integrate Caliper standard.)
    • Empathetic Research – Educational needs to continue to evolve and change and they are doing so faster and faster. Bb takes a user-centered approach in designing products. Contextual research and many hours are spent where students and faculty are located and facilitate immersive interviews. Students have a short-term, reactive approach to deadline and due dates aka “Activity Stream”
      FullSizeRender (80)
    • Delivering thoughtful and relevant innovation across the Bb portfolio
      FullSizeRender (81)
    • Bb Learn is the most feature rich LMS in the market today. The original experience and the ultra experience. Ultra is a streamlined and modern UI. Ultra is thoughtful innovation that is designed to promote student learning outcome. Deployments of the platform are offered as Self Hosted, Managed Hosted, Saas. There is 1 Learn, 2 Experiences, and 3 Deployment options.
    • Teaching and Learning Solution Highlights
      FullSizeRender (82)

      • No plans to end the “Original Experience” with a focus on quality (100’s of bug fixes, updated technology, unified code, simplified releases), enhancements (competency-based education tools aka goal performance dashboard), and mobile (available to all customers to access Learn and Collaborate).
      • A new responsive Q2 2016 release has a new Ultra interface, and it is now available!
      • What’s next with the Original Experience?
        • Attendance Tracking
          FullSizeRender (83)
        • REST APIs for All – Modern and scalable way to create integrations.
      • The Ultra Experience of Blackboard Learn – preview.blackboard.com is available now via “Educator Preview”
        FullSizeRender (84)
        FullSizeRender (85)
      • Coming next in Learn Ultra
        • Group Conversations using Collaborate Ultra
        • Audio and Video to be “Built-in”
          FullSizeRender (86)
    • New Product Innovation – Plan, Predict, Engage
      • Bb Planner (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College partnership was the first and Bb is now interested in working with additional colleges.)  From an app students can schedule and register for classes with Bb Planner.
      • Bb Advise provides advanced insight into student plans along with predictive analytics along with the ability for advisors to communicate with students online.
      • Bb Predict (Blue Canary) provides solutions for students that are at risk. The process is to identify a problem, ingest data, use modeling to provide an answer and then distribute a set of actions to those of staff that can facilitate an intervention.
      • Engage – Growing personalized enrollment services, support simplified student experiences, and retain with 360 degree student engagement. Partnership with George Mason University using Design Thinking in product development but also with students on their pathway. Goal at George Mason University is to reinvent the entire student experience, enrollment, advising, student life, technology use. The “Student Experience Redesign” with a goal to create a more seamless and integrated experience.

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