#BbWorld16 – K12 Rocket Session


Increasing Student Success with a Virtual Ambassador

  • Volusia Online Learning
  • K12 School with 11,000 Course Enrollments
  • 45 Schools in Volusia
  • Close monitoring of enrollment data, program data, and course completion
  • Challenges with “not my student” “not my instructor” with the virtual ambassadors, scheduling, fidelity from school to school
  • Increased in tutoring attendance, rapport/relationships

Top 10 Tools for Personalized Learning

  • Blackboard’s Adaptive Release – Control when students see content and when they are ready.
  • Kaizena – Add on for Google Docs that allow you to leave comments to student work. Include audio and video in feedback.
  • Screencast-O-Matic – Screen recording and training for students for content development (use mashup in Bb to bring video in)
  • Google Forms – Embedded in Blackboard to monitor students progress, reading responses, science lab exit tickets, etc.
  • Seesaw – App for students to demonstrate learning, film a lab, support video projects
  • Thinglink – Make an image interactive, insert audio, URLs, video, maps, etc.
  • Padlet – Collaborative note taking, images, students can see each other’s work, silent discussions, thank you notes for speakers, embed into Bb
  • Crafty Text – Enlarge text on screen as a Chrome extension
  • Storify – Information curation for social by tags, organize by folders, add links pictures videos articles.
  • Tackk – Compile a series of resources into a single web page, portfolios

How History Went Paperless

  • Cleveland City Schools 1:1 Initiative
  • Move away from “traditional textbook
  • Bb was chosen for plagiarism detection, tool set
  • 4 laptop carts in middle school and 6 laptop carts in high school
  • Completely paperless classroom
  • PowerPoint and Word used by students for web quests and submit assignments for grading
  • Discussion boards used for class conversations
  • Content was set up based on social studies state standards
  • Learning modules are used in some classes for independent work

Bb Showcase Course

  • Arlington Public Schools
  • Created a Blackboard course to spark ideas, share best practices, and serve as a showcase site
  • Little Bb training causes users to say that it’s hard or clunky
  • Marketing campaign to share the positive stories, showcase site includes how to’s on tools, content examples, features, success stories of teachers, monthly Bb open lab
  • Let other teachers know about the success stories of using Bb in classroom (using social like Twitter)

Blackboard on the Bayou

  • Let the good times roll… Take advantage of new updates and features.
  • Blackboard is used for delivering content, assessment, collaboration, parents as observers, PD, crisis management (school organization site for each school), mandatory courses, collaboration centers
  • Parents are given access to see their kids, they can peak into the classroom, look over materials
  • Collaboration Centers – Use a quiz for documentation of agreement (adaptive release), view benchmarks, teachers use discussion boards to discuss text items and report issues with items, sites are used to collaborate on tests and resources for classes

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