#EDU16 – Open Badges Update and the IMS Global Open Badges Extensions in Education Project

img_0992Session Description: Participants will be updated on recent developments with Open Badges Infrastructure and Standards involving the Badge Alliance, IMS Global, the Mozilla Foundation, and Collective Shift/Project LRNG and given the opportunity to ask questions about the future of the Open Badges specification. Also discuss the goals of the Microcredentials/Badges Constituency Group and the Open Badges Extensions in Education (OBEE) Project. Explore examples of open badge programs and platforms embracing these new badge extensions and learn how employers are recruiting and hiring students and “upskilling” current employees based on the innovative badge program deployed by the Colorado Community College System. Hear from Credly, a digital credential platform provider, about new ways universities, associations, and training providers are aligning outcomes to employer needs.



Brenda Perea

Instructional Design Project Manager,Colorado Community College System

Mark Leuba

Vice President, Product Management, IMS Global Learning Consortium

Anthony Newman

Manager of Informatics, Purdue University

Jonathan Finkelstein

CEO,Credly, LLC


  • IMS is going to play a more central role in open badges.
  • OBEE = Open Badges for Extensions for Education
    • Focus on the employer as the primary badge consumer
    • Refine badge contents using standard extensions
    • Provide IMS certification of compliance
    • The new extensions: accreditation, assessment, and endorsement.
    • Issuer Accreditation Extension
      • Provides a reference to a single or multiple accreditation bodies
    • Assessment Extension
      • What was required to earn the badge
  • An OBEE Badge contains an endorsement, accreditation, or an assessment (2 of 3 are required)
  • Purdue University – Anthony Newman
    • Purdue created Passport
    • Participation and Skill Badges
    • Curricular Badges – EDCI 270: Intro to Ed Tech and Computing
    • Research Project with Marcy Towns for Chemistry – This was put in place to save money on Pipettes because they were spending 6,000 per year on replacements.  Badges were used to ensure that students knew how to use the pipettes.  (Published in Journal of Chemistry).
  • Colorado Community College System – Brenda Perea
    • Award badges for competencies for employers.
    • Technical Math has a variety of industry driven badge competencies delivered through a MOOC.
    • Machining Level badges are aligned to NIMS standards. Students are earning badges through demonstrating competencies. Employers are starting to look beyond a degree and looking to hire based on competencies.
    • Engineering graphics badges is another group of competencies that were developed by Metropolitan State University working with businesses.
    • New badges work is happening with: CyberSecurity NICE standards, ASE and AWS standards, STEM competencies, 21st Century Skills, Workforce Leadership, Healthcare IT standards, Agri-Business, Gunsmithing…
  • Credly – Jonathan Finkelstein
    • Digital credentials improve on traditional offerings
      • Transparency, added data (eg. user submitted “proof” of skills), security, trackability
    • Brandman University is an example of issuing badges in bundles.
    • IBM tracks sales performance through badges. Using monthly score cards.
    • American Institute of CPAs is using badges for significant achievements.
    • Deakin University is issuing badges for MOOC achievements.

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