Coding, Gaming, IoT, and Wearables: New Student Success Technologies, or Chocolate-Covered Broccoli?

Session Description: Join us for a spirited discussion of four current technologies. Share your perspective on whether educationally these technologies are like pouring chocolate over broccoli or if they can improve student outcomes by strategically leveraging them. Come caffeinated and opinionated, and be ready to dive in and share with peers and colleagues.
Outcomes: Identify current learning technologies and trends *discuss the affordances and constraints of each technology presented *identify common adoption issues faced by new technologies and resources to resolve those issues


  • Chris Luchs

    Associate Dean, Career and Technical Education, Colorado Community College System
  • Kae Novak

    Instructional Designer, Front Range Community College
  • Dr. Farah Bennani

    Associate Dean, Colorado Community College System


  • The lenses to view new technologies with: Implement Tomorrow, Needs more Research, Chocolate on Broccoli
  • Coding – Becoming a popular educational opportunity as languages are becoming easier.
  • Gaming – Engaging students with content is becoming more possible through games. Resources like Kahoot can be leveraged by faculty.
  • Internet of Things – Potential exists and everything is connected, but the question is how does this impact the classroom, what about privacy?  How will the play out in the school and in the classroom.  We can monitor the impact on the consumer end as this will impact on that horizon first. This technology is on the horizon, but there still needs to be some more research.
  • Wearables – They are here! Fitbit like devices are not just about tracking, but they are about social too. How about using these in physical education classes. Think about the community that goes along with it. There are some that are motivated with the “quantified self”.  Oral Roberts University requires students to use Fitbit. Concerns around who owns the data and how secure is it?  What about privacy?
  • What about Virtual Reality? Lots of potential, however, the biggest challenge is building content…

The key questions, what capabilities do these new technologies bring to the education experience? What instructional problems can these new technologies solve?

One thought on “Coding, Gaming, IoT, and Wearables: New Student Success Technologies, or Chocolate-Covered Broccoli?

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