#EDU16 – Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Research: Strategies for a Mobile-Ready Campus

Session Description: Because technology will continue to transform the education landscape, colleges and universities will confront continuing challenges to meet the expectations of today’s students, ages 18–60. Join us as industry expert Casey Green moderates a conversation among campus thought leaders about mobile strategies, best practices, and the ever-evolving digital campus.

Outcomes: Learn about community best practices to analyze institutional needs * Focus on benefits and evaluating technologies and solutions * Learn how to implement long-term strategies to meet changing technology today and tomorrow


  • Didier Contis

    Director Technology Services, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kenneth Green

    Founding Director, The Campus Computing Project

  • Chris Witeck

    Principal Technology Strategist,Citrix
  • Mark Henry

    Manager of Virtualization and Learning Technologies,Texas A&M University


What is your Mobile 2.0 Strategy? Just because you have an app, doesn’t mean you have a strategy…

  • The need to mobilize the campus and deliver the experience today’s student expects.
  • Mobility enables students to be more success.  Giving students more resources. Being able to measure data of use and tracking.
  • How do you create a mobile ready infrastructure? Do you have the resources to pull this together. Determine the goals of the project, connect to campus initiatives and strategies.
  • The impact of student expectations and the consumer market is driving mobile.
  • According to the Campus Computing Survey 53% of campuses appear to be building their own mobile apps.
  • Although mobile is a top IT priority (#6 / 65%), only 17% of CIOs rate mobile services as “excellent”.



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