#eLearning2017 – Can we eliminate remediation? Yes with EdReady…


  • Ahrash Bissell, NROC
  • Ryan Schrenk, EdReady Montana
  • Courtney Peppers-Owen, JSU


  • NROC is a non-profit and national k-20 operative.
  • EdReady – Learning platform.
  • HippoCampus – Free resources and online library.
  •  The problem: Student readiness and placement as it relates to prior knowledge. The more prior knowledge the more prepared for college. Typically placement tests give you score, and is this score acceptable for college preparation… the “cut score” is an arbitrary number. It’s really more of a range of numbers.
  • Does a placement test give you the confidence of preparedness? The students in the middle, where most students are, are the most ambiguous.  We can identify the most prepared and least prepared and link those to confidence in preparedness but it’s the middle that is the most important to interpret.
  • How can we identify the gaps in knowledge of students for placement?
  • EdReady – 1) Provides assessments for students, 2) Links students to skills training, 3) Establishes a personalized approach to readiness
  • Jacksonville State University in Alabama is using EdReady. 50% failure rate in Intermediate Algebra, millions lost in tuition, loss of potential career opportunities for students.
  • JSU uses EdReady as a low stakes placement solution/alternative. They have single sign on and score updates sent to Banner. The math curriculum committee worked with EdReady to align and identify topics for STEM and non-STEM math objectives.
  • Once students hit the cut off score, they can then enroll in the for credit course. JSU removed the 098 basic algebra math course and used EdReady to keep the students going without having to take the developmental course.
  • JSU allows freshman to use EdReady on their own as a self-assessment for placement.
  • JSU has found better success and lower dropout withdrawal for students participating in EdReady.
  • University of Montana “What do I want my students to be ready for?”
  • Montana was one of 5 states to pilot EdReady and entered into a 3 year field test.
  • Montana was the first state to adopt EdReady.
  • The benefits of EdReady in Montana include the use of the tool in: upper elementary, middle, and high schools, alternative education, 2 adn 4 year colleges, adult learning centers.
  • Replacing and rethinking the traditional developmental track. The goal is to overcome the “algebra problem” with large number of students never master the fundamental math skill set. The traditional track is not working well for many students.
  • Students use EdReady and then take the written final of an algebra class to be able to move beyond developmental coursework.
  • Complete College America In Montana – Study of results from gateway course completion.
  • More information about Complete College highlights success stories for math placement, guided pathways, remediation, etc.

How can EdReady be used in your institutional developmental and placement programs?

EdReady: Accelerate your path to college and career from The NROC Project on Vimeo.


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