#LCCOER – Michigan Colleges Online #OER Initiative

Advancing OER Adoptions Across MI Community Colleges

Ronda Edwards, Executive Director, Michigan Colleges Online (MCO), Michigan Community College Association (MCCA)



  • Improving Student Success
  • Lowering Costs for Students
  • Increasing Inter-Institutional Faculty Collaboration

Student Success:

  • Completion
  • Passing with a C- or better grade
  • Course grade
  • Enrollment intensity in current tea
  • Enrollment intensity in next term

Statewide Steering Committee

  • Representation from all 28 community colleges
  • Training/webinars
  • Data collection
  • Repository

Survey on Open Textbook Usage

  • 14 colleges reporting
  • 120 courses
  • $1,523,200 savings reported ($100 textbook cost) 2.6 million if you include the full price current textbook
  • Disciplines using an Open Textbook: (colleges using)
  • Business Law (2)
  • Economics (2)
  • Biology (3)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (5)
  • US History (6)
  • Statistics (2)
  • Pre-algebra (2)
  • Chemistry (3)
  • Sociology (4)
  • Geography (2)
  • Physics (2)
  • Psychology (5)

Repository for the State of Michigan via MCO


  • Launched this Fall
  • Michigan Colleges Online Hub is hosted by OER Commons
  • Connections to over 65,000 resources
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Authoring tools
  • Training
  • Collections on the MCO Hub including curated discipline collections
  • Groups on the MCO Hub highlight each college’s contribution
  • Users can tag, rate, review, save, note, and contribute content
  • Faculty Grants – Adoption (Macomb, Northwestern, Lansing CC, Mott Community College) using open textbooks.
  • Faculty Grants – Adaption (Mott CC, Lansing CC, MidMichigan, Kirkland CC) have Psychology and Communication, American and World History and Cell Biology and Human Genetics courses adding ancillary and supplementary resources in addition to Openstax textbooks.
  • Faculty Grants – Development (Lansing CC) develop Spanish multimedia ancillary resources using virtual partners, interactive multimedia, practice exercises etc. Forensic Science (Mott CC, Genesee Career Institute) to create a full open textbook on Forensic Science. (Lansing CC) will develop a Fashion textbook and workbook on the Principles and Elements of Design.

Next for MCO OER

  • More professional development with staff/faculty/authors
  • Inter-Institutional sharing/collaboration
  • Research 
  • Z Degrees – Zero cost for an entire degree for instructional materials…

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