#CampusTech – Adopting a Learning Object Initiative for Student Success

Session Description: The Digital Pathways initiative at Columbus State Community College enables faculty to create state-of-the-art digital content (learning objects) and to employ interactive delivery methods that enhance student engagement. As one of the largest community colleges in Ohio and a leader in distance learning, Columbus State has formed a collaboration with Apple that provides faculty, as curators of information, the tools and knowledge to enhance the overall teaching and learning process. You will hear the challenges involved in creating a college-wide initiative that will meet the needs of millennial learners and analyze examples of interactive learning objects used in courses to discover how they have impacted student learning.

Speaker: Ann Palazzo, Columbus State Community College


  • Columbus State Community College has 26,000 students enrolled, largest online program in Ohio, 40% taking distance courses, each department has a DL lead 
  • Digital Pathways Initiative – Statewide student success initiative for textbook affordability
  • About learning objects at CSCC:

  • Grant was recieved which provided resources for Apple training
  • Faculty incentives + training: 124 faculty were loaned devices and completed Apple PD training, 17 faculty received Apple Distinguished training, 107 faculty atteneded additional deeper dive training
  • Faculty recieved Apple MacBook Air and training
  • Faculty received reassigned time for development 
  • Digitizations brown bags provided lunch time opportunities for learning and show and tell on Fridays
  • Support: eLearning Development Kit, systematic ID/faculty collaboration work to create iBooks, iPad pilots, Distinguished Apple Educator/Institution
  • Challenges: What’s with the cartoons? Can an hour long lecture be compressed into 5 minutes…? Changing roadmap, publisher products/addons, proprietary nature of Apple products, faculty digital divide – levels of training, changing timelines (reassigned time for developing)
  • Future: enhanced access to IDs, use of OERs, peer review of iBooks, becoming a 1:1 campus, going platform agnostic?

How does your campus develop learning objects, OERs, or support faculty with mutimedia?


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