#CampusTech – Supporting Online / Blended Learning

Session Description: Many institutions struggle to support faculty effectively as they migrate toward blended/online course formats. Andrew Topper will share experiences developing, implementing and evaluating a fully online graduate degree, and examine why traditional institutional support may not be effective for the successful transition to technology-based teaching environments. You will also learn effective practices for faculty development in support of hybrid/online courses.

Speaker: Andrew Topper, Associate Professor of Special Education, Foundations, and Technology


  • Factors contributing to success in online success: faculty > institution > students
  • Framework for institutional adoption and implementation of blended learning: strategy, structure, support (Graham, Woodfield, & Harrison, 2013)
  • Strategy – alignment of blended learning with vision and mission, identify advocates, uniform definitions of distance education, faculty should maintain flexibility in pedagogy
  • Structure – infrastructure/technology as a baseline of reliability, catalogs, shared governance
  • Support – required support for faculty and students in blending learning is key, incentives can be helpful
  • Faculty Needs: systematic and sustained design of the complex pedagogical and technical aspects of blended learning
  • Factors that influence faculty use of online tools: 1) instructors attitudes and beliefs about learning, 2) interactions with students, 3) institutional support, 4) academic workload, 5) interactions with technology (Brown, 2016)
  • National survey of higher ed faculty: 90% of faculty = workshops 2-5 hours, 1:1 training, short sessions < 2hours, hands-on training lab, creating an online course, one time sessions 
  • How can we do a better job at reaching the needs of busy faculty?

“Professional development is important for all practitioners: by providing faculty with more information in how to teach effectively, institutions can help create a greater faculty satisfaction in the online classroom.”

  • Case Studies


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