#CampusTech – Creative Leadership: A Human-Centered Approach to Building Technology Strategies

Session Description: Student and stakeholder engagement throughout the strategic development process is essential to creating technology that is relevant, effective and forward-looking. Taking a human-centered approach, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism partnered with innovation and strategy firm MO Studio to redesign an annual Student Technology Survey. Initially designed as a tool to collect basic usage data, it is now being used as a platform to increase student engagement. By building student empathy, focusing on collaborative design and generating insight, the school is able to better understand how students learn and faculty teach and to use this understanding to drive better technology decisions. The team will share the story of the approach, outcomes and impact of this process on the school’s ongoing strategic effort to develop an innovative technology roadmap.

Speakers: James Vasquez, CIO, University of Southern California and Sue Tan and Jeff Scheire, MO Studio


  • Survey… it all begin with a tech based survey. What tech are students using… now >>> asking about the student experience and not focused on technology hardware/software.
  • Map a users journey – the best services are designed around a broad understanding of the different interrelated moments along an end-to-end experience that balances, supports, and evolves to support academic priorities: awareness > consideration > commitment > experience > reflection
  • What keeps you up at night?

  • A survey can be more than just a tool to collect basic usage data – desire for deeper use: 1) how might we create a holistic survey that provides insight to prepare use to go from practical to strategic, 2) how to design a survey that is engaging, and 3) how can we use a survey to experiment with new ways of engaging students for feedback and ideas.
  • It’s about how the technology adds value to teh learning experience and not about th technology.
  • Vision > Value > Student Experience > Facilities and Resources
  • Design Thinking approach: 1) understand the problem, 2) reimagine the solution, 3) execute and deliver
  • Survey has 16 questions with 3 open ended… “how might we questions”.
  • Uncover insights (why) from the opinions (what) shared by users.

The Annenberg Digital Lounge was an outcome and provided the insight of importance of communicating with students that such a valuable resource was available.

The Digital Lounge is a creative makerspace where members of the Annenberg community can learn to experiment and play with the digital tools they have received as part of the Digital Literacy Initiative. We are located on the third floor of our new, state-of-the-art building, Wallis Annenberg Hall, located right in the heart of campus and literally designed to foster creativity, collaboration and media. Through workshops, events, helpdesk support and Adobe Certification Courses, we aim to promote a DIY culture that empowers our students to create and learn, regardless of their background or prior experience. From audio to video, to interactivity and the web, we want to make these tools approachable and fun for all!

In closing…


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