#BbWorld17 – Blackboard Collaborate Roadmap

Session Description: We invite you to join our product management leaders to hear about our short and long term product plans for Blackboard Collaborate.  A question-and-answer portion will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the roadmap directly from the experts at Blackboard.

Speaker: David Hastie 


Vision for Teaching and Learning

  • Embedded Insights and Analytics
  • Deeply Integrated Workflows
  • Accessibility
  • Openness
  • Strategic Services

Vision for Collaborate

  • Deeply Integrated Workflows
  • Modern, Responsive, Streamlined Design
  • Powerful T&L Tools for Engaging Sessions
  • Fully Accessible
  • Embedded Insights

Benefits of Using Collaborate:

Continue to Invest and Innovate on Blackboard Collaborate

  • Regular cadence of releases (monthly releases over the past 2 years)
  • Quality improvements (delivered functionality to improve the service: dynamic bandwidth adjustment)
  • Integrated workflows (LTI integrations)
  • New feature (private chat, session to 500, live feedback, and more)
  • Accessibility (uploaded content can also be accessed by a screen reader – only tool in market to do this)

Your Voice, Driving our Roadmap

  • Cohort Programs
  • Customer Roadmap Surveys
  • Tech Preview (more than 60 institutions have joined)
  • Community Site

2017 Roadmap Summary

  •  Host larger classes, lectures, and webinars – in development now, working toward 1,000 participants
  • 1:1 private chat is available now
  • Dynamic bandwidth adjustment is in place now
  • Live captioning is a service coming later this year via Aberdeen 
  • Telephone-only dial in in development now
  • Net stats panel is in development to provide more information for the participant and the room (how is the connection for participants)
  • Timer is in development to provide a countdown timer for when teh session will start (and a benefit for breakout groups)
  • Deeper integration with learn is in development (produce a dedicate room for each group, attendance tracked for post session, configure present/absent ark based on percent in session, post marks automatically or manually, provide links to individual sessions and recordings in content areas.


  • Student engagement and analytics in research now (2018 target)

Collaborate recording post-captioning in research now (automation via IBM Watson)

Have an idea, join the Collaborate community to collaborate!


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