#BbWorld17 – General Session

Thursday’s general session starts off with the Catalyst Awards winner presentation followed by Blackboard’s charitable giving program. Then, Dr. Mae Jemison, former NASA astronaut, engineer, physician & education advocate takes the stage to deliver an inspirational keynote address.





Dr. Mae Jemison, former NASA Astronaut, Engineer, Physician and Education Advocate

  • Education is about providing the best opportunity to move forward for the future.
  • The future never just happened it was created.
  • Even the sharpest blade can’t cut it’s own handle. – Proverb
  • What does space have to do with me? You have a space receiver in your hand – mobile. MRIs. Weather Satellites, etc.
  • 100 Year Starship Canopus
  • In education, we need to prepare students for a future that stretches beyond what we can reliably predict.
  • We can’t give everyone all of the facts…

  • Purpose: expectations, skills, knowledge, facts, enduring
  • Majority of the benefits may take place and be measured after you no longer have any control over the student or situation; cannot provide sideline coaching, in fact you may no longer be alive as a teacher:  “Emphasis often on requirements for current jobs, but the majority of a students work life will be 40-50 years into the future.”
  • We need to train our students for a future that isn’t here yet.
  • There is always something to learn from experience. – Proverb
  • The importance of STEM right now, is about finding the best path forward. It’s at the center of all of our lives.
  • Science literacy is key to be informed and we can have a pipeline of people that go into science and a technology
  • Critical actions for promoting STEM: Exposure, Experience, and Expectation
  • Children have response of living up or down to our expectations.
  • Teaching STEM: hands on, hearts on, minds on!
  • When you work with something with your hands, you become engaged.
  • You get self-esteem from doing things!

  • It is the nature of the this flower to bloom. – Alice Walker
  • Every child is a flower it is their nature to bloom, our job as educators is to ensure they have the resources in place to bloom.
  • How do we make sure Capabilities exist for the work that is ahead of us. We believe an extraordinary future makes a better world today.
  • Our future needs to push us.

  • We get there by leaping further!
  • Do people stay in STEM fields in spite of or because of? Do we have enough engagement in our programming?
  • The student is NOT our customer they are OUR responsibility!


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