#OLCAccelerate – Preparing Faculty To Find, Remix, And Create Open Educational Resources

Preparing Faculty To Find, Remix, And Create Open Educational Resources
Lead Presenter: John Raible (University of Central Florida)
Co-presenters: Aimee deNoyelles (University of Central Florida), Ashley Salter (University of Central Florida)
Brief Abstract: This session describes how instructional designers partnered with other campus units at a large university in the United States to design and deliver the first incentivized faculty development program about open educational resources. Lessons learned, as well as resources, will be shared with attendees.

  • What is OER?

OERs are materials that are openly licensed, giving users the legal permission to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the material Wiley, D (2017).

  • Textbook Costs Continue to Rise
  • Florida Textbook Affordability Law
    • Textbook orders are due 45 days before the semester
    • Faculty are encouraged to review editions for changes
    • Faculty are encouraged to adopt OER content
    • Textbook and “instructional materials”
    • Requires universities to submit TA reporting to the state
  • OER Faculty Workshop
    • 8 Faculty and Instructional Designers Facilitated
    • Faculty offered $500 to attend OER Meetings
    • Participate in Self-Paced Course [see below]
    • Attend 3 Workshops OER
    • Design an OER Deliverable in the Next Semester
    • Provide a Final Report
  • OER Self-Paced Course Innovation Project is Available 
    • “Making the Transition to OPEN: The Easy way to Create, License, and Share Free Materials” Adapted from Matthew Blooms’ OER MOOC.oercourse
  • Workshop OER Topics/Sessions
    • Finding Free Materials
    • What would it take to replace YOUR textbook?
    • Copyright considerations for OER
    • Reusing and Remixing OER
    • Creating and Sharing OER
  • Faculty Testimonials for OER

I realized that I did not know much about OER even though I thought I knew some.

I now understand how OER licenses work.

An OER doesn’t have to be a perfect work. It can be a handout or a lesson we have already prepared.

I now have more concrete and practical knowledge about copyright policies.

I am more familiar with the kinds of OER resources that are out there.

I have ideas for the development and contribution of my own projects to these databases.

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