#OLCAccelerate – Press Start To Play: Faculty And Student Reflections On Gamification

Press Start To Play: Faculty And Student Reflections On Gamification
Lead Presenter: Thomas Penniston (University of Maryland – Baltimore County)
Co-presenter: Sherri N Braxton-Lieber (University of Maryland-Baltimore County)
Strand: Innovations, Tools and Technologies
Brief Abstract: This session will provide an overview of gamification and its relationship with learners’ motivations. The details of the implementation in a graduate-level course will be presented along with student performance and course satisfaction data. Faculty reflections, lessons learned, and plans for revision for the next course offering will be discussed.

Gam·i·fi·ca·tion – “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”

  • In educational context:“On its surface, gamification is simply the use of game mechanics to make learning and instruction more fun. It seems “fake” artificial or like a shortcut. It’s not. Underneath the surface is the idea of engagement, story, autonomy, and meaning.”
  • Video overview of the elements of “Gamification”:



  • Use Achievements Tool in Blackboard to award badges that demonstrate:
    • Skill mastery
    • Learning milestones
    • Performance excellence
  • Quests
    • Find problem with multiple entry points, define learning goals, link goals to COR, build space for assessment, design quest
  • Leaderboards
    • Provides quick feedback, ranking, competition, motivation

Strategies to Gamify a Course

  • Add points to tasks/assignments
  • Define badges/achievements/rewards that can be earned after criteria are met
  • Create leaderboard that shows top performers/scores
  • Define levels ranging from easier to harder tasks/assignments
  • Reward badges that can be tied to higher levels

Examples of course achievements in Blackboard and in course content delivered to students:



Case Study Survey Results from Students in Course


Level of engagement in Blackboard by Students in Gameful Learning Course


Demonstration of using Blackboard Achievements to gamify an Engineering Course



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