#OLCAccelerate – Trends And Applications In VR And AR For Online Learning

Trends And Applications In VR And AR For Online Learning
Lead Presenter: Maya Georgieva (Digital Bodies – Immersive Learning)
Brief Abstract: This session explores the use of immersive technologies in online environments. We examine recent developments and creative tools in VR and AR, strategies for implementation and their potential impact on student engagement. 360 Photospheres, social VR, data visualization, and new forms of storytelling promise new opportunities for online pedagogy.
  • www.DigitalBodies.net
  • Intro and Overview
    • AR – Augmented Reality
    • VR – Virtual Reality
    • MR – Mixed Reality
    • Variety of headsets are available from: Microsoft, Google, Oculus, PlayStation, Vive, Intel, Meta
    • Movement to standalone/untethered VR – not having to worry or use a mobile phone or being connected to a computer…
  • VR and AR in Teaching

    • 360 immersive VR experience environments (photo and video)
    • Learning through reflection is KEY – not just viewing.
    • Learning through collaboration – stepping into a SPACE (not just looking at something on a screen) and interacting together in an environment.
    • Learners as creators – building knowledge not just passively consuming. See: https://vr.google.com/blocks/
    • Learning through data visualization – displaying large data sets and interacting with big data in new exploratory ways.
    • Learning through artificial intelligence and machine learning – the power of AI as a contributor to coaching, guiding, facilitating learning.
    • Learning through simulation – immersive simulated environments in health care, etc.
    • Learning language through VR – public speaking and reality apps for foreign language practice
    • Development tools: Unity, Unreal Engine, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Cloud, InstaVR, etc.
    • Campus areas: makerspaces, advanced research, digital humanities, medical/healthcare, engineering, art, etc.
  • Enhancing the Sense of Community in Online Learning
  • Storytelling in New Medium
    • From the cave walls to the holodeck in Star Trek. A new medium with it’s own language. Stories becoming lifelong experiences not really beginning > middle > end.
    • New York Times “Pluto” Video – Stories that enhance the immersive experience and social presence.
  • Implementation of Immersive Experiences
    • Begin with Google Cardboard
    • Connect with VR Photo/Video 360 (Museums, etc.)
    • Transport people for fieldtrips, back in time/archeaology, etc.

It’s time to move beyond the limits of replication of our learning environments:



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