#BbWorld18 – Opening Session

Join us as we kick off BbWorld 2018 with Bill Ballhaus, Blackboard CEO.


  • Attendees from all 50 states and 34 countries
  • Nearly 40% are first timers
  • 26% have been to 4 or more BbWorlds
  • 53% here to learn from peers
  • Opportunity to improve outcomes and student success and help meet institutional goals and objectives.
  • Deep partnerships have been forged with over 100 millions users over 20 years around the globe.
  • Columbia – providing job training for former rebels.
  • Improving access to content from 48% to 76% though Ally.
  • Student expectations – Education costs, increased credentials, demand connected/seamless/intuitive.
  • Increased pace of institutional change.
  • Integrated accessibility tools, plagiarism detection, and leading synchronous video conferencing all in one system.
  • Blackboard is your partner in change. Accelerate adn drive change through the benefits of technology, to promote student success, and to help meet institutional goals and objectives.
  • Blackboard EdTech Platform is core as an LMS – Serving more clients in more countries than anyone in the market.
  • LMS is essential is not enough the focus is on network of solutions beyond a niche software provider. Blackboard provided an integrated experience.
  • Connected experience, data driven insights, and flexible solutions are provided by Blackboard. Delivering what others cannot. Blackboard provided a common user interface across a connected experience with data driven insights.

  • LMS Attendance, Mobile/card Credential, Virtual Attendance, Integrated Data, Mobile Apps
  • 1 product, 2 experiences, and 3 deployments (self-hosted, managed-hosted, saas)
  • New features like attendance and audio/video capture. Quality and responsiveness design improvements.

  • 383 clients on SaaS in 25 countries. Zero downtime and monthly update cadence.
  • Ultra has been adopted by 61 clients, 34 pilots, and 274 clients in cohorts.
  • Ultra has been rapidly updated over the last year with a variety of features and functionality updates.

  • Blackboard App has 6.3 million downloads, 2018 SIIA Codie Award for Best Education App, with a 4.6 Star Apple Rating

  • Ally was brought to market last year, 338 institutions licenses, 1.9 million students are using Ally with 187 million content items checked. Winner of the WCET WOW Award and the USDLA Innovation Award and IMS Learning Impact Award.

  • Blackboard is the first to offer this capability and to partner with Apple

  • Saas Deployment is growing rapidly.
  • Maria… a student with a seamless connected experience from mobile to live videoconferencing all in one interface.

  • Student common on Learn Ultra “so easy, even my grandma can use it”
  • Attendance is available on Ultra and Original Experience.
  • Audio/video feedback is also available in the both experiences.
  • Blackboard Instructor app now includes grading.
  • Blackboard Ally focuses on accessibility but also provides alternative formats such as audio only.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra provided 4.8 billion minutes in the past year. 250% increase from 2016 to 2017. New features provides support for 500 attendees, phone-only access, private chat.

  • VitalSource provides content at low cost through content providers. Market leader in provided inclusive access to text content.
  • Blackboard Transact – Provides campus ID for purchasing, dining, laundry, security, attendance, and access.
  • Data driven insights include predictive analytics such as early alert provides connected and seamless integration to student success initiatives. (Maria – student, Bob – instructor, Sylvia – advisor)

  • Early alert (Blackboard Predict) provide student and faculty insight and alerts advisors. The focus is on student retention.
  • Blackboard is invested in IMS standards such as LTI Advantage.
  • REST APIs are also available to extend the Blackboard platform for individual needs and unique capabilities.
  • Learn Ultra Institution Pages (Community system tabs and modules) – Responsive, Modern, and Scalable

  • Blackboard Ally for Websites – This is available as a solution for websites.
  • Blackboard offers a “Strategic Partnership Framework” to provide a wealth of options and flexibility for education.
  • The FUTURE – Blackboard supports innovation through broad portfolio, broad solutions, broad services and global reach.

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