#UWdtl – Using the Power of Story to Reach Distance Learners’ Hearts and Minds

As a leader in the education field, you have the potential not only to imagine new approaches to learning, but also to inspire students, faculty members, and administrators to support and execute your vision. By understanding how your audiences think and feel, and by leveraging the power of storytelling principles, you can express your ideas in a way that resonates with your audiences and motivates them to spread your ideas.

Patti Sanchez, Chief Strategy Officer, Duarte, Inc.

Keynote attendees will learn to:

• Connect with students and stakeholders empathetically

• Understand the power of speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols

• Leverage the hidden story structures inherent in great communication

• Create captivating content and ideas that get repeated

• Inspire others to support your vision for distance education

  • Notes:
    • Leaders


    the future – pioneering the way
    • Leaders


    the future – tell the story of the journey we are on together


    into the future – an adventure, traveling into a place of unknown
    They S curve of innovation…

  • Slide:ology, Duarte Academy, Resonate, Workshop, HBR Guide, eCourse, Duarte Online
  • Storytelling moves people – storytelling principles can persuade people and stories engage multiple parts of our brains. Stories align us… when we hear a story we have shared experiences that bring us closer together, they bond us together
  • Empathy and connection are provided through storytelling
  • Stories = beginning > middle > end
  • Ceremonies are stories in spatial form – Rights of passage (graduation ceremonies include separation, transition, reincorporates, etc.)
  • Great speeches use story principles – Great stories have rising and falling of action: what is, what could be, (the gap between the 2 creates tension and inciting incident), this repeats… until the “new bliss”
  • Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk is an Example
    • Leaders create


    and movements (series of regular communications and to move mass)
    • Ideas represent and mean


    – and humans don’t like change as it’s scary

    Create moments like speeches, ceremonies, events to create opportunities for stories.
    • Stories


    us, what is your call, what is your story, how can we enhance education through creating stories of innovation?


    • are made of


    • designed by


    • Let’s


    • people!



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