#UWdtl – Overcoming Change: How to Increase Faculty and Staff Buy-In for Online Programs

Online learning can provide efficiencies to both the educator and the institution, but while the efficiencies to the educator are typically realized over time, the efficiencies to the institution may be realized more immediately. Join the winner of the Schullo Award as he updates us on his 2017 session, and learn new strategies to reduce costs, reduce attrition, and increase enrollment in your institution.


  • Presentation Slides
  • Buy-In = commitment, defining work, setting stretch targets
  • Compliance is not Commitment
  • Telling faculty to do something… is not a great idea.
  • Reluctance – Skepticism to online learning, workload, tenure
  • The whole idea of teaching includes evidence-based practice and rigorous inquires are core to education.
  • Oversold promises… you can…

“Teach from the Beach”

  • Enter student needs, access and convenience
  • Foundation – Effective online strategy, platform for learning (LMS), faculty support, student support.
    • Going online is excellent faculty professional development.
    • Using an LMS provides a baseline and foundation for courses.
    • Faculty support – instructional designers, multimedia specialists, recording studio, quality assurance
    • Student support – help desk, provide support for their learning, technical, orientation
    • Removing restraining forces is key
    • Management research – Create a supporting and trusting culture,
      Communication – Clear, that impacts you, strategic use of online will fix, there will be costs and adjustment, there will be milestones and review

    • Find advocates among the faculty.
    • Former adversaries are the best advocates.
    • Look for problems and ways they can be fixed.
    • Build a reward structure and share accomplishments.
    • Embed instructional designers in departments! Go where the faculty are…

      Build an LMS template to make it easier! Gives faculty a start…

    • Build a framework for support for faculty.

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