#MIOERSummit – Measuring the Impact of OER Initiatives: An Assessment Framework (Lansing Community College)

OER Goals: Textbook Affordability, allow faculty exploration and innovation in finding new, better, and less costly ways to deliver quality learning materials to students in addition to improved pedagogy.

  • 2015 OER initiative began.
  • How to show the effect of OER.
  • $2.1 million has been saved in textbook costs.
  • 36% of students at LCC are enrolled in courses using OER.
  • Students can search during registration if a course uses OER or not.
  • OER and Open Learning is part of the 2017-2020 LCC Strategic Plan.
  • Assessment is a focus area, and tracking learning initiatives is important. Is what we are doing making a difference. Are the problems we have been identifying being solved?
  • Align OER work with the strategic plan.

  • Where are we going, what results are we hoping to achieve?
  • How do we best operationalize OER at our institution?
  • Open Education Research Group
  • Areas of focus: (COUP – Cost, Outcomes, Use, Perceptions)
    • Financial Impact – Costs of text previously assigned, OER support fee models, changes in campus bookstore revenue, changes in tuition revenue due to changes in drop rates, enrollment persistence.
    • Education Outcomes – Changes in % of students receiving a C or better, rates of completion, drop rates, enrollment intensity, persistence, attainment of progress milestones, graduation rates
    • Use of OER – Adoption, Adaptation, Creation? Patterns of use, why are they using, what are they not?
    • Perceptions of Faculty/Students – How do users perceive OER, how do they judge it’s quality, align with curriculum, error free, up-to-date, ancillary resources?
  • Data Sources – Surveys, Textbook Prices, SIS, LMS
  • Assessment Framework

Learn more about OER at LCC


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