#ELI2019 – Strategies to Establish Pathways for Inclusive Education

Strategies to Establish Pathways for Inclusive Education – Conference Session Link

Heidi Pettyjohn, Executive Director for Accessibility, University of Cincinnati and Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, Grand Valley State University present poster entitled: “Strategies to Establish Pathways for Inclusive Education” in the “Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)” track at the  EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Annual Meeting on the topics of inclusive education, accessibility, and universal design for learning (UDL).


Accessibility, compliance, universal design for learning, inclusive education are not just buzzwords in higher education today, rather, they are critical components of the educational experience of our students. Accountability, affordable education, retention, and ultimately student success are key strategic focus areas for every higher educational institution. By committing to a culture of accessibility as part of inclusion, universities are able to go beyond compliance and practice inclusive and universal learning techniques that truly benefit all learners.

This session with share how the University of Cincinnati and Grand Valley State University are addressing the needs of students and faculty by creating an environment that is inclusive, accessible, and supports UDL. From two university perspectives, a variety of strategies, tips, and tools such as Blackboard Ally for auditing, awareness, and accessibility education will be highlighted by each presenter. Answering the question “How do we know if our courses are accessible?” Each presenter will provide a big picture of accessibility to include campus wide services and committees, share related campus policies, discuss stakeholders, faculty governance, and institutional oversight, as well as accommodation and remediation support for faculty and students.

The presenters will share lessons learned, implementation strategies, tips for generating awareness, zeroing in on quality course design through faculty professional development, supporting students with accommodation, and UDL resources that will assist attendees in jump starting their own accessibility initiatives and campus conversations.


  • Articulate the importance of accessibility in higher education.
  • Build awareness of successful strategic approaches to address accessibility needs.
  • Explore unique solutions to advance universal design for learning that can be implemented at their own institution.
  • Assess readiness to start or support accessibility initiatives at attendees’ own institution.


ELI 2019 Conference Poster UC and GVSU.jpg


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