#BbWorld18 – DEVCON18 Opening Keynote

Blackbord’s Chief Product Officer Tim Tomlinson kicks off DevCon 2018 with a look at the past year and highlights to look forward to in the coming year. This is a must-see for all attendees!

  • 380 attendees, 250 institutions, 24 countries at the BbWorld Developers Conference
  • Amazon AWS Sponsor
  • DevCon Kickoff and Product Update
  • @timtomlinson
  • An uptick this year in first time attendees, welcome!
  • #IAmBlackboard – Last year 20th anniversary of the founding of Blackboard. We celebrate and thank you from the Blackboard team. Bb is an #edtech company, and there is a personal connection to mission to helping institutions drive success through access to education. The story about Blackboard is about the educational opportunities provided through education.
  • Blackboard has provided a diversity and inclusion scholarship for 2 attendees this year.

  • One of the benefits of partnering with Bb is this team of smart, engaged, dedicated people on mission to support education.
  • Blackboard Product Development Pillars

  • Crocodoc to Box migration didn’t go as well as planned and Bb is committed to direct enhancements in the Box platform such as working now to include the ability to download submissions/feedback.
  • Saas Deployment – Now live with 6 areas across the globe. SaaS momentum is strong.

  • 20% of client base on Saas.
  • Blackboard is providing more services also on Saas. SafeAssign is a recent addition to Saas.

  • New Learn Ultra feature highlights… continuing to make Ultra feature complete. If you have not looked at Ultra recently (within 3 months) it’s time to look again. It is a much more fully feature product that it once was, pace has really ramped up.
  • 61 clients on Ultra in production, 34 in pilots, and over 300 clients going through cohort sessions toward adoption.
  • Educator Preview is now CourseSites and access to experiment and play.

  • Great positive feedback on Learn Ultra.
  • 1 Learn, 2 Experiences (original, ultra), 3 Deployments (self-hosted, managed hosted, SaaS)
  • Be looking at SaaS and Learn Ultra as an end date. We want to walk with you through the journey at your pace.
  • Blackboard Ally is very exciting and adoption has been strong.

  • Ally improves accessibility as well as coach faculty along the way with an institutional dashboard for tracking and monitoring.
  • 187 million documents scanned with 1.9 million student impact.
  • Ally is available on Bb Learn, Moodleroooms, Moodle, Canvas
  • Blackboard Instructor App now includes grading! Enables instructors to manage your courses, send announcements, and connect with students. Time was taken to make sure use cases and workflows for grading where in line with needs.

  • REST API progress is expanding and maturing greatly.

  • IMS Standards Support is key for Blackboard and an initiative that provides engagement in the standards community.
  • Blackboard has been recognized as an award winner in many areas, including CODiE and the Blackboard student mobile app with a 4.5 star rating.