#eLearning2017 – Improving Retention with a SParC


  • Jamie Ferrazano, Executive Director, Academic Technologies Online Learning and Services, St. Petersburg College


St. Petersburg requires all faculty to use the LMS for gradebook and syllabus.

  • SParC – Module on the Course Home Page for Every Course
    • Grade Check – Quick sort of students of 80% or lower. (Can be changed.) Quick check for students at risk. From screen faculty can send an email or text message via “twillio”. Instructors can add a note that other faculty can see. Advisors can also view the notes. Text message are just between the instructor and student.
    • Last Login – Quick link to check last login of students in 5 days. (Can be changed.) Also can send text message (instructor and course are added to each text) or email or add a note. When new notes are added by another instructor, there is an indicator notifying that a message was added. The notifications are reset every semester.
    • Student Persona – Profile that is populated by survey and by the student (study skills, tech, ready to learn, motivation, time management, environment), indicator if the student had repeated the course, students’ schedule is available, registered next semester indicator (is a student signed up for classes yet), advisor information for the student
    • Grade Preview – Allows faculty to review grades with students without risking a student seeing another student’s grades or showing an entire gradebook online.
    • Next steps: How does this tool contribute to campus wide student success and retention?