#EDU16 – The California Community Colleges’ Online Education Initiative: Rethinking Online Education at Scale

Session Description: The CCC OEI is a statewide initiative intended to improve access to and the quality of online education in California’s 113 community colleges. We will discuss accomplishments and challenges to date, as well as plans to rethink outdated systems that ultimately limit the potential of online course delivery to assist students in meeting their educational goals.

Outcomes: Adapt methods of developing a statewide online education initiative to your institutional environment *Gain access to multiple resources for use with online learners, online teaching faculty, and institutional programs *Learn how to create similar online course quality strategies for your institution


  • Pat James

    Executive Director, Online Education Initiative,California Community Colleges, Chancellor’s Office
  • Joseph Moreau

    Vice Chancellor of Technology & CTO, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District


  • More than 2.1 million students on 113 campuses
  • 1 in every 5 students in the nation attend a California Community College
  • Received a $56.9 million over 5 years by the state – Online Education Initiative California Community College
  • 4,100 sections
  • Another $20 million was received last year…

Goal is to increase student completion of transfer degrees by working together to increase access to quality online courses and support services for students.

  • Access | Quality | Completion
    • Providing resources to colleges to allow for the addition of quality online courses
      • Improve success and retention
      • Prepare students
      • Prepare faculty
      • Quality course design and content resources
    • Providing students with opportunities to take classes when and where they need them.
  • Philosophy
    • Always consider what is best for the students
    • Engage in “agile” project management
    • Innovation is “messy”
    • Consider the big picture
    • Involve everyone in the process
  • 3 Levels of Opportunity for College Participation in OEI
    • Shared resources such as:
      • OE course design rubric,
      • online learner readiness tutorials, and
      • @ONE workshops OR
    • Adopt the same course management system across all colleges for standards, for ease of students, to collect data
    • Participate in the OEI consortium along with the Exchange
  • “Online is not as good as face to face” is throwing access out – time to quit comparing. If we want to compare, compare fully resourced online programs vs non-resourced shoestring programs. We need to fund student success.
  • Providing resources to colleges to allow for the addition of quality online courses.
    • Online Readiness (Quest Program)
    • Recommended Library Services
    • Online Test Proctoring and Plagiarism Detection
    • Accessibility Support and Universal Design
    • Online Tutoring 24×7 and Platform
    • Embedded Support for Underperforming Students
    • Online Counseling Network and Platform
    • Professional Development and Course Design Rubric
    • Common Course Management System
  • Student equity in online education: Goal to decrease success rate gaps in online courses.
  • SmarterMeasure is being piloted for student readiness
  • Course design rubric is used and based on the Blackboard Exemplary Course rubric.
  • Encouraging course refresh – shifting the culture, migrating to a new system, shared design strategies, standard course design criteria

“Students are more likely to pass newly designed courses vs old courses”

  • Additional resources are available here: http://ccconlineed.org/