#EDU16 – Rethinking Academic Technology for 21st-Century Teaching and Learning

Session Description: Pedagogical and technological changes are upsetting the status quo of course delivery. To remain relevant, academic technologists must be responsive, agile, and forward-thinking within a context of rapid change, high demand, and limited resources. Learn how one academic technology unit strategically prioritized and responded to these challenges in today’s climate.
Outcomes: Articulate tactical work in response to the strategic goals of your institution and department *Redefine priorities in response to technological and pedagogical change *Retrofit Brown’s reflexive model to fit your own institutional culture


  • Hong Chau

    Instructional Designer,Brown University
  • Catherine Zabriskie

    Director, Academic Technology Services,Brown University


  • Short Term – Improve the current situation with painpoints.
  • Long Term – Confirm our Vision
    • Instructional Technology Group
    • MM Labs
    • Classroom Technology
    • Media Product
  • Question: What do you spend your time on everyday – does that link to the vision?
  • Question: What are the 5 most important things that you do – why is that important to the insitution?
  • Session Materials
  • Technology Themes
    • Moving Forward and Looking Ahead
    • Responding University Needs
    • Making Connections
    • Partnering
    • Empowering Individual Growth
    • Process for Visioning
      • Step 1 –¬†Defining the work: Where are we now?
      • Step 2 –¬†Understanding the work: What are the values/benefits of the work we do? Map the work to the themese/priorities and is there anything missing?
      • Step 3 – Where are we going? What should we stop, start, or do better and how?