MIFlip15 – Flipped Classroom Conference

Notes from the January 10, 2015 MIFlip15 conference:


Steelcase Education Learning Center

  • Brad Weiner from Steelcase EDU.
  • Sean Corcorran, General Manager. Learning environments for the flip with @SteelcaseEDU.
David Tebo @tebotweets
  • School “as we know it” isn’t broken:
  • …it was built for another time, designed over a century ago to do the oppositve of differentiation and customizations.
  • …it does change because it’s filled with people like even LOVE the system as it is.
  • We were conditioned
  • If we don’t change the environment we will revert back to the teaching that we encountered.  It has to look different for our kids and for you.
  • We share a common goal. To change the system to a student-centered one that allows ALL kids to meet their potential.
  • No 2 kids are built the same.
  • You feel trapped by the system – do you see tht as a crutch or an inspiration?
  • We have a moral imperative to do better for our kids.
  • Take risks and do what is right for our kids.
  • Go out and work on our culture to transform to a student-centered model.

By 2019 50% of HS courses would be online in some form or fashion.  – Disrupting Class

  • 21 trends for the future – book
  • The Future is NOW and 60% of jobs  currently require knowledge workers.. Most children younder than 1 are minotiries.
  • The ability to speak or interact is like a window to the world.  How many languages does your school offer.  It’s important to understand the diversity of other cultures.
  • Emerging Tech will take us beyond what most of us would have immagined just years ago.
  • Ondemand curriculum available 24/7.
  • Blended learning with be the standard for k12 seliverey.
  • At hamilton there is “stream school”, “future prep”, “little hawks discovery preschool.
  • Progress is impossibile without change, and those who cannot…
  • Our system will be disrupted, what side will you be on?
  • Flipping done well are changing our ability to meet the needs of ALL students.
Matt Roberts – Flipped Session
Flipped is 4 things:
  • Direct instruction > before class
  • First exposure to content > before class
  • Formative assessment
  • Active learning
Frame in mastery.
Keys to success:
  • Engagement with material and the time they spend.
  • Better skills for navigating their own learning. Ownership of their learning.
  • Agile teaching / “ballistic teaching”… same lecture vs understanding where students are right now and tailer that to every learner.
What is the question:  A flipped class, done well it’s not about adding more work outside of class, but it’s about active learning based on doing work outside of class and getting them to do the work that they should be doing in the first place. (2-3 hours of time outside of class.)
It’s more than just the lecture at home and homework in class.
Pereception – primary vs secondary… I hate having to learn things on my own… suggesting that the classroom is primary… that the classroom is where learning happens.
Ubiquitous learning… that learning happens all the time.  What is your attitude or perception about learning as a student.  In a way learning is about what happens outside of the classroom as maybe even more important and changing students perspective on their own learning.  The ambient aspects, body and mind needs to be ready. What are good study strategies.
What do we know about learning.  Learning isn’t an on / off process.  Learning via Terry Doyle  is the one that doe the work does the learning.
What makes it stick? Do it over and over.  Force to recall.