Join #GoogleGlass at GVSU – Invitation ends December 21!

Google Glass

Get Google Glass at GVSU!

Calling all faculty, staff, and students at GVSU!  Would you like to have your own pair of Google Glass?

Grand Valley State University has been part of the Google Glass Explorer program through the Information Technology department’s Technology Showcase which is located in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.  As an early Google Glass Explorer,  we have been offered the opportunity to invite 3 people to join the program!

This invitation is open to faculty, staff, and students at GVSU.   If you are interested in purchasing Google Glass and joining the program, compose a tweet with the hashtag #GVSUGlass about how you would use Google Glass at GVSU and follow @GVSUTechShow on Twitter.  Winners will be selected based on these tweets on Sunday, December 22.  (Note that this is a contest for a Google Glass invitation only, winners will need to purchase Google Glass.)

Here is how to submit a nomination:

  1. Compose a tweet describing how you would use Google Glass at GVSU and add the hashtag #GVSUGlass
  2. Follow @GVTechShowcase

This invitation and nomination opportunity ends at 11:29PM on Saturday, Dec. 21st – so act now!  If selected, the winners will be contacted on Sunday, December 22nd via Twitter direct message from @GVSUTechShow.  Once contacted on Sunday, winners will need to respond within 24 hours with their name and GVSU email address to be eligible to be entered to receive an explorer invitation with the ability to purchase Google Glass.

Note:  All Glass Explorers must

  • be a US resident
  • be 18 years or older
  • purchase Glass ($1,500)
  • provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up the device in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles