#eLearning2017 – Super e-Student Initiative

FullSizeRender (22).jpgPresenter:

  • Breanna Hidalgo, Instructional Design, Pasco-Hernando State College


  • Guide to eLearning at PHSC – LMS Orientation Course
  • eLearning Readiness Survey
  • Presentation
  • Academic Technology Department Website
  • Student Support Site
  • LEVEL UP with eLearning: Become a Super eStudent
    • Understanding – What is the difference between traditional, online, and hybrid courses?
    • Preparation – What are the technical requirements for eLearning and what is myPHSC?
    • Readiness – How can you determine if you are ready for eCourses?
    • Participation – How can you be successful in your online course, and what can you expect?
    • Support – Where can you go for help with your courses in myPHSC?
    • Answers – Not sure how to answer these questions? Check out the guide and online readiness survey.
  • Goals: What does it take to be successful in online learning. Increase student success by providing support and access to student support services. Respond to student needs.
  • All students are enrolled automatically into the orientation course built into the LMS.
  • Handouts and business cards were created for students and distributed to advisors as well.
  • Created a mobile app as part of the myPHSC app.
  • An infographic poster is located in the library.
  • A brand was used to deliver consistent messaging.
  • Target lowest 5 retention courses in both redesign and student support targets.
  • Future: Does the readiness survey or orientation course contribute to student success and retention? Require the orientation course for student. Review course evaluations and link back to instructional design and professional development. “Super eFaculty Initiative” including resources (handouts, tip sheets) for becoming a more effective online faculty member. Connect online orientation to general student orientation process at the campus.