Polls by Blackboard without the Clickers

Clickers have been around for a while now, but as single use devices they can be costly for students and offer limited value and use – when compared to full featured mobile devices.  Enter web-based student response systems.  There are many on the market, each with their strengths coupled with complexity.  If the desire is for quick polling in lectures, something quick and easy is often desired.

Blackboard has recently entered this space with a clean, quick, and super easy technology called Polls by Blackboard.  The system can be accessed (without purchasing a clicker device in the bookstore) via Mobile App on iOS and works on any device.  Facebook integration is also simple, easy, and works right out of the box.  It’s FREE, give it a try today!

Polls by Blackboard (polls.bb) was released by a new division called “Blackboard Labs” that is a “skunk works” of sorts.  I’ve always thought this type of unit within Blackboard was needed and it’s exciting to see movement here to further ramp up and accelerate innovation and creativity.

Here Ray Henderson, a member of the Board of Directors at Blackboard, talks about the new polls feature and the goal of Blackboard Labs.

In addition, Blackboard continues to innovate rapidly across their suite of tools.  Here are a few examples from their product roadmap with some of the new features coming… with some of the capabilities here already:

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Badges and Achievements
  • First Time User Configuration
  • Course analyzer linked to the Bb Exemplary Rubric
  • Final Grades to SIS (Banner/Peoplesoft)
  • Student Learning Paths
  • Mobile Grading Features
  • New Gradebook Item and Workflow Views
  • New Portfolio Tool with Course Artifacts and Assignment Features
  • Responsive Design across the System

All these and more coming soon to a Blackboard near you!