3D Printing at GVSU

3D printing offers all sorts of potential and possibilities!  GVSU’s Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons has two 3D printers that are available to students and faculty.

Every Tuesday and Thursday the Technology Showcase (Room 012 Atrium Level) in the new library hosts a demonstration from noon to 1:00.  Have a question?  Want to see a 3D printer in action?  Stop by!

  • Modeling – Create 3D objects of virtual blueprints
  • Prototyping – Create prototypes for experimental objects
  • Visualizations – Complex abstract objects in 3D

Learn more about 3D printing at GVSU on the library Makerspace page.  The Makerspace is a lab for you to create, tinker, and explore.  There are two 3-D printers and specialized modeling software for use by current GVSU students, faculty, and staff.

Also, are you interested in making?  Do you tinker?  Would you like to create?  Check out the GR Makers space located in Grand Rapids.

Meet and Greet with YETi CGI

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On October 29, 2013, a “Meet and Greet” event was held for students, faculty, and staff interested in Gaming, Mobile App Development, or Programming.   Over 25 students, faculty, and staff participated.

Who is YETi CGI?

YETi CGI is a Grand Rapids game design and production studio who developed the “Library Quest” game at GVSU.  In short, the Library Quest game is a mobile app that provides “quests” for students to explore the new Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.  By completing quests, students are able to learn about the library resources, services, and spaces while earning points for prizes!

Leap Motion Controller @ GVSU

Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

Imagine controller your computer without your mouse or keyboard?  GVSU has a Leap Motion Controller as part of the Technology Showcase, located on the Atrium level in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons.  Stop by the Technology Showcase to check it out!

What is the Leap Motion Controller?

  • Gesture Computing – Provides computer control with natural movement
  • Touchless Control – Use fingers, hands, and gestures for interaction
  • Visualizations – Provides 3D space control for visualizations and experiences

What is the potential of this tool in education?

The Double Robot makes it’s Debut

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The Double from Double Robotics made it’s debut at Grand Valley State University’s Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons Dedication.

What is the Double?

The Double is like wheels for your iPad with FaceTime.  It provides telepresence capabilities with the ability to remotely control and move around.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Move around with remote controls to drive your Double from anywhere with an iOS device or using a Chrome browser
  • Attend meetings with full mobility and audio/video
  • Conduct tours and visit remote locations without traveling in person
  • Improve communication for people separated geographically